What’s really funny is all of the things that I thought made Harley touring models an “old mans bike” I’ve had to admit are actually pretty nice to have. Things like floor boards, windshield, heel-toe shifter, larger seats, backrests etc, are all things that enable me to spend more time in the saddle even if they make the bike look a little different than bikes I’ve had in the past.

Given that, I elected to install the adjustable rider’s backrest from Harley. It’s nice that you can adjust it to any setting within the backrest’s range of motion. This is accomplished via a small switch that I mounted to the bike. With this range of motion if I want to lean back and ride I can, or if the backrest is bothering me I can adjust it so that its almost not even there.

The install process wasn’t complicated, but it was detail oriented. You have to route the cable that allows for the adjustability of this upgrade, as well as mounting the bracket and making sure you don’t mar the paint on the rear fender.

Definitely a recommended upgrade to the bike in my quest for the ultimate long range touring machine.

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