Unfortunately posting some of these out of order, but will post separate posts with my thoughts as I apply upgrades / modifications to my bike. The stock Harley exhaust as has been described many other times by countless other people, leaves a lot to be desired. Coming from a full header, and slip ons setup on my previous ride, to the stock exhaust setup on the new RKS, was quite an adjustment to say the least. On the ride home from the dealership, there was a mix of emotions, but the one that hit me the hardest was that I felt naked. Instead of the ground vibrating, feel it in your chest sound I’d become accustomed to, I had a quiet whisper like purr as I twisted the throttle and contemplated my new decision.

Given that I am a firm believer in the loud pipes save lives train of thought, there was only one company to correct this near silent, tame purr of the OEM exhaust. That company is Rinehart racing, I knew I wanted a set of their slip ons, and possibly a full setup. The install for the new slip ons was extremely straight forward, and given the bike was effectively brand new, the old mufflers came right off.

I went with the 4″ Rinehart slip ons, and while I am very happy with the note, the sound level of the stock headers with slip ons is still a bit of an adjustment from what I’d become accustomed to. Also something I’d noticed and I am not one to usually complain but the cats in the stock headers throw a lot of heat. Here in Texas in the summer, we don’t usually need any help in sweating our balls off.

I’ve researched and spoken to some other M8 owners, and I am thinking of going with the V&H pro duals headers with the x cross over paired with the Rinehart slip ons to give me that car alarm setting off, neighbor hating, vibration through the ground experience. I really miss feeling the American horsepower in my chest.

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