After my less than stellar experience with the Harley wind-splitter windshield, and the fact that I now ride with a passenger; a new windshield was needed. After adding the Memphis shades hot wing to my wind-splitter, I was able to get most of the buffeting to a manageable place for me, but unfortunately the wind stream was directed into my passenger’s forehead. Given that I wanted her to be comfortable, I began researching an alternative wind screen.

I came across the CVO shield from Freedom Shields, and thought to myself that the mounting hardware for this shield seemed to be identical to the hardware I already owned on my bike. After reading some forum posts about how great FS (freedomshields) customer service was, I decided to give John a call. I am glad I did, he was patient and answered all of my questions without getting annoyed. He confirmed that the CVO shield would indeed fit the Harley wind-splitter hardware for my Road King Special. After discussing what I was trying to accomplish with him, I went with a 20″ tall dark tint CVO shield. I mentioned to him that I had a ride coming up in a week and a half and while I knew it was a tall ask with his current lead time being 3 weeks, but if he could get me the shield before the ride I would really appreciate it. He said he would see what he could do and to mention that in the comments field when I ordered.

One of the more appealing things to me is FS’s policy of leave the protective plastic on the shield and test ride it, if it doesn’t do what you want it to do, send it back and they will work with you to find a shield that does work. Needless to say the shield arrived 2 days before my big ride, and I put it on the bike. After a test ride all I can say is wow, 0 buffeting for me, and a happy passenger. When I asked her what her thoughts were she said, “I’d never been on a motorcycle before yours, and I’d just figured the buffeting was the cost of being on a motorcycle. Now I don’t get buffeted and the ride is night and day better.” With that glowing review we set out a couple days later on a 1000 mile multi state touring trip.

All I can say is thank you to the John and the guys at freedom shields for accommodating a tall ask, making a quality product, and for making my passenger want to ride with me more.

Freedom Shields Website

CVO Road King Windshield

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