While researching windshields for my new ride, I cam across Freedom Shields and their CVO windshield. I really liked how it followed the lines of the bike due to its recurve design. Unfortunately they don’t sell the mounting hardware for the windshield, just the plastic piece. After emailing Freedom shields and corresponding with one of their salesmen, the Harley wind-splitter hardware will fit this shield.

I set out to my local Harley dealer to purchase just the hardware for the Wind-splitter windshield, with the intention of purchasing the shield piece from Freedom shields. After getting quoted the wind-splitter hardware at ~$30 less than the complete assembly, and wanting something to keep the wind off of me as I rode, I walked out with a complete wind-splitter assembly. My thinking was that if what I had read in various reviews was correct about the wind-splitter that I would have a second shield as a backup and the hardware that I needed for the Freedom Shield.

The other thing that annoyed me slightly with the wind-splitter setup is the fact that Harley only offers the mounting hardware in chrome. Why the moco would decide that since they offer everything else in black and chrome, they shouldn’t offer this setup in black is beyond me. So once this riding season winds down, I see a trip to the powder coaters in this hardware’s future.

New wind-splitter installed
A different angle

Unfortunately what I had read about the wind-splitter was correct. At 6’2″ tall with a 34″ inseam, the 16″ tall wind-splitter is a bit short for my stature. Also somewhat annoying is the lack of detents in the vent assembly. This causes fairly severe buffeting on almost any setting and bearable buffeting at wide open. After a few hundred miles with this configuration, I started researching remediation steps. I picked up a Memphis Shades hot wing on sale, and while it looks goofy it does kill the buffeting with an additional 2″ of shield extending above the top of the wind-splitter works wonders. Other than it looking goofy, I am happy with the hot wing.

I am still interested in the Freedom Shields windshield, but with all of the other stuff I want to do to this bike, it may be a while before I purchase it.

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