As my 1000 mile breakin period approaches its’ end, I’ve been eyeballing stage one upgrades to my Road King Special. I’ve added the Rinehart Racing 4″ slip ons to the bike, and while I am happy with them, I would like a little more sound. I think the deep / classic Rinehart sound is there with the slip ons but only when I get on it, at idle it still sounds fairly stock. The other thing that’s been bothering me is the heat from the inline catalytic converters in the stock headers. Even though this season has still been fairly cool for Texas, I can see when it actually gets hot out how the cats are going to have to go. I took a look at Rinehart slimline duals and went by the Harley dealer to give them a listen with the Rinehart 4″ slip ons installed. While it sounded good, it wasn’t the sound I was looking for.

The salesman said if you’re looking for more sound out of the M8, you might want to consider Vance and Hines power dual headers with the X crossover going out to the Rinehart 4″ slip ons. I was a bit unsure seeing as I had not liked the harshness of the Vance and Hines sound out of other exhaust setups I’d heard on Harleys, but I was willing to give it a listen.

We located an M8 bike with that setup, as soon as Rich fired the bike up, I knew that was the sound I was looking for. Loud, rich tone, without being over the top or too harsh. Pure American horsepower, especially on rev.

With the exhaust portion of my stage one upgrade decided upon, I really like the look of the Rinehart Racing air cleaner. The next decision point is the tuner, and with Harley getting their hand spanked by the EPA that is not as easy a decision as it once was. The real question here is do I go Vance and Hines FP3 and void my factory warranty, or do I go with the Pro Street tuner from HD and maintain the warranty with a product that is not as user friendly or robust as the FP3?

Still inside the breakin period on the bike, this is not as pressing of a decision to make, but definitely something to think about…

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